I always knew that I wanted to write news stories. I started a stapled-together newspaper in second grade. I edited my high school newspaper and anchored our college news show, IU News Forum. What I’ve learned after nearly a decade as a television news reporter is that the subjects in my stories mean more to me than having my name on the byline.

I joined the IU Kelley Indianapolis family in late March as the new Assistant Director of Communications and Media Relations. As an alum of IU Bloomington’s Ernie Pyle School of Journalism, I’m thrilled to make my transition from journalist to communications writer within the IUPUI family. My husband, Seth, is Kelley alum, so I know first-hand how valuable that name recognition is once you graduate.

People always ask me how I could leave television news. “It must be so exciting,” they say. And the world of broadcast news does have its merits: I interviewed then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, Mrs. Obama and then-Vice Presidential hopeful Joe Biden. I was granted access to fascinating factories and thrilling airplane rides, plus I met everyday people who made a difference. I loved covering news on university campuses such as Kent State, Youngstown State and Northern Michigan Universities. But I felt like something was missing. I’d spend a day on a story (sometimes a very boring one!), and then move on. It was something different every day, but it only scratched the surface of each topic. I wanted to work more in-depth on something I cared about; something on which I could have a biased opinion for once.

That’s why the communications job here at Kelley Indianapolis is perfect. It gives me a chance to meet and promote some of the most inspiring, accomplished students I’ve ever known, while also returning home to Indiana. I can continue to fulfill my love of writing stories while also using my years of reporting experience to assist the media in covering what’s happening here. There’s plenty of room at the table for schools to be publicly recognized; Kelley deserves its place at the top.

I know that a Kelley degree is valuable and noteworthy. I understand how much weight it carries on my husband’s resume and vicariously I know how it feels for a student to work hard and finally complete I-Core! Just listening to the accomplishments by Kelley students at the Scholarships and Awards Breakfast last month impressed and motivated me to help tell the stories of the young people here who achieve so much. I’m inspired by two recent stories: Kelley grad Assoumaou Mayaki, who plans to do work in microfinance development for struggling women in Niger, and Evening MBA graduate Manoj Rana, who survived a deadly house fire with 95 percent burns to his body, and went on to earn his degree. These are stories I love to tell.

There is no shortage of impressive and newsworthy students, faculty and staff here at Kelley Indianapolis. I look forward to meeting you all and telling your stories. Please contact me at spwinter@iupui.edu with anything interesting you notice at Kelley.

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