While I usually share ideas about marketing on this blog. Today, I am drawing from the right side of my brain to share some funny happenings at our house. Hope you enjoy the story.

“Why is my daughter calling my husband’s cell phone?” I wonder as I start to rouse in the middle of the night. Before I fully awake, I realize this is impossible – I saw her go to bed upstairs several hours ago. I roll over to go back to sleep thinking that the noise is coming from outside the house and wondering what can be making that strange ringtone-like sound?

Over breakfast the next morning, my husband and I discuss our last night’s sleep. Turns out we both were awoken several times by the weird, X-Files spooky, whirring and chirping. Neither of us recognizes the sound. Living on the lake, we are used to a wide variety of bird sounds – ducks and geese, blue herons, woodpeckers, song birds and even an occasional owl. But, this sound is new, different, annoying and LOUD.

We take in the view of the backyard, our pool and the lake from the sunroom where we eat breakfast. We notice our chocolate lab, Bella, is intently staring into the pool. Of course since it’s spring and still too cool for swimming, the pool is winterized with a discreet blue cover. Still, there are three to five inches of water on top from accumulated rains and melted snow. This water is gritty, murky and laden with dissolving leaves. She’s intently focused on something in the muck.

Bella hunts Toads

We head straight down to see what is amiss. Hah, looks like Bella has found a frog! But wait, in the pool skimming net we see the “frog” is actually a toad. Oh no, looks like we have March Madness in reverse. Our Elite Eight recruited their friends and we have a Sweet Sixteen. Apparently, it’s mating season in our pool. Mystery solved!?

Want to learn more about these slimy backyard friends? Check out their call at the Indiana DNR website.

American Toad up Close

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