College IconsThis post was written by Paige Civils as an assignment in M450 Fall 2011.

I have never had a class quite like M450 which I guess is bit out of my comfort zone. After reviewing the syllabus I was pretty excited when I saw there were no tests, and the class would only meet about half as much as my others. When I was told my classmates and I were in charge of organizing a community event, my excitement began to decline. I thought that’s crazy, what do we know about organizing events. Knowing agencies were depending on our efforts was a bit scary.

After getting over the initial shock I began realizing how planning the Homeward Bound Community Event was one of the most useful experiences of my college career. I was on my own and was responsible for making things happen. This does not mean it was easy, I quickly learned from my mistakes along the way. No matter how detailed of a timeline my team made, we could never stick to it.  Making connections with those in the workforce would be our best friend; Google could not provide us with all the answers.

Contrary to past experiences our professor was actually there to help us, making the process much easier. Our mentors really took an interest in us, and went to the extent of providing my team members with career leads. I was impressed with the fact that this was not just another school project; it was a resume worthy experience. I met great people along the way, while helping the community. What could be better than that?

So if you are looking for a real world opportunity to apply the material you have learned throughout your Kelley career, I encourage you to enroll in BUS-M450.

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