As part of getting real world work experience in business, undergraduate marketing students in Marketing Strategy had to try to see the world around them through a different perspective. The deliverable for this assignment was entering the IUPUI Common Theme Photo Essay Contest. Today, I am sharing the winning entry - Congratulations Karey Hammond, Sean McCarthy and Ben Reinhoehl, Kelley School of Business!
Homelessness in Indianapolis

The photo represents the power of a diverse body of individuals collaborating to achieve optimum social outcomes. The strength that comes from wide varieties of backgrounds, personalities, and skillsets is the core theme of this photograph. Instead of highlighting a unique social issue, we instead chose to focus on the “bigger picture” – the effectiveness of true collaboration that goes beyond mere “teamwork” in the traditional sense. It’s true that individuals can – and do – change the world. But sweeping social change stands a much greater chance of realization if the talent, resources, and skills of individuals are organized and directed toward a common goal. The photo represents the people of a tightly woven segment of society that have made conscious choices to be the agents of change across the globe. They have sacrificed pieces of themselves to further the common cause. Individually, they could be effective. But together, each change agent forms part of a cohesive whole. Each hand is a necessary part of the photograph. And without each one, the picture would be incomplete.

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